NRC and DNR approve a new Merganser Control Permit Program

We are pleased to announce that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has finalized a new Common Merganser Control Permit Program.  This is great news for lakes who hope to utilize the highly successful method of trap and release of common mergansers.  We'd like to thank the MDNR who worked tirelessly with the MISIP and other groups to develop this new permit program. Click this link for details of the .  An application is available to apply for a permit, which would be valid for the 2019 season.

Lakes interested in preparing to apply for a permit in 2019 will have to take several steps to qualify for a permit.  Among the requirements are a lake assessment, verifying the presence of the swimmer's itch parasite and the hosts which perpetuate the lifecycle.  More information about conducting an assessment and other elements of the program will be presented at the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations Conference on April 21st from 1:30 to 3:30.