Save the Date! MISIP Presentation at ML&SA Conference

MISIP will once again be presenting at the annual Michigan Lake and Streams Association Meeting on Saturday, April 21st at 1:30 PM at the Crystal Mountain Resort. Presenters will include Jim Vondale, co-chair of the Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership, Dr. Curt Blankespoor of Swimmer’s Itch Solutions, Ron Reimink of Freshwater Solutions, and Wayne Swallow, Watershed Biologist for Lake Leelanau. They will be focusing on describing the impressive work completed on five lakes during 2017, results of these control and research programs, and insights gained from that work. They will also be discussing the new Merganser Control Permit Program, with tips about how a lake can prepare to apply for and qualify for a permit. In addition, Wayne Swallow will speak about progress on a new preventative cream that he has been developing for many years.

The Conference will also feature many other important and interesting topics regarding issues affecting Michigan’s inland lakes and streams.

For more information about the conference and to register to attend the conference, please go to :