Control Work Underway on 5 Michigan Lakes

Beginning in April, 2017, extensive control activities have been underway on five Michigan Lakes.  Higgins Lake, Crystal Lake, Glen Lake, Lime Lake and Lake Leelanau are currently the sites of such activities as common merganser nest location, trapping broods after they leave their nests, and relocating the broods to bodies of water where swimmer's itch cannot occur.

This year, we are fortunate that two  firms - Swimmer's Itch Solutions LLC, and Freshwater Solutions LLC,  who both have extensive experience in swimmer's itch research and control were available to provide these services to the lakes.  

By mid June, many broods have been removed from the lakes, thereby reducing the liklihood that snails will infect new ducklings and perpetuate or increase the levels of cercaria in the water and the danger of swimmers coming into contact with these itch-causing cercaria.  We expect that this work will continue through July